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GT Car Shop was born in 1982.  It wasn't necessarily going to be a job or business, but more of a means of enjoyment for it's founder, Denver Native Gus Turnage.  Gus had just retired from Mountain Bell at the ripe old age of 48.  One of his passions was fixing and painting the bodies of cars.  Since he was a teenager Gus loved to work on vehicles.  He would fix them, race them, and turn them into show cars.  His talent and knowledge of auto body repair proved quite valuable as those who new him sought Gus out to fix their own personal cars.  One thing lead to another and Gus found it necessary to register GT Car Shop as a business.  In 1984 Kelly Smith, also a native of Denver & Gus's stepson had recently left the airline industry.  While he searched for a new career Gus asked him to give him a hand until he found new employment.  During this time Gus was teaching Kelly the skills of the auto body  trade.  Kelly didn't realize how much he would really enjoy working with his hands and his stepdad.  At Gus's invitation, Kelly decided to stay at the shop to master the trade and help with the business.  
Eventually, Gus's wife (Kelly's mother) Jeanne Turnage began working at GT Car Shop running the office.  Jeanne provided the organization and personal touch the business needed while Gus & Kelly handled the auto body repairs.
Thanks to many loyal customers and their referrals, GT Car Shop grew into a thriving small business built on honesty, integrity, and genuine concern for our customers and their vehicles.
In 1994 Gus & Jeanne retired from GT Car Shop and still reside here in the Denver area.  Kelly, along with a great crew continue to keep the business operating with the same original values that the Turnages established in the beginning.
For over 30 years GT Car Shop Inc. has enjoyed meeting hundreds of wonderful customers.  We have found our auto body ​business is more about people and less about cars.  While car designs and repair processes continue to change, one thing does not - our appreciation of those who choose to enter our doors.  You can trust we will conduct our business with honesty & integrity.

Kelly Smith—President

​​​​Auto Body & Hail Repair​.