​​​​Why Choose Us To Repair Your Vehicle?

Everyday, across the nation, thousands of motorists are involved in auto accidents. The question soon becomes, "Where's the best place to get my vehicle repaired properly and returned to me as quickly as possible?"

For most, the auto body repair process is an unfamiliar one — one that occurs, on average, only once every seven years. And there's a lot at stake: In many households, a vehicle is among the largest assets owned— second only to the home.

What's more, the family automobile often represents the only means of getting to work or school.  

We are commited to using only the best parts available in order to assure the best quality repairs your vehicle deserves.

With so much riding on the decision, it's no wonder that many people look to a qualified resource — a recommendation from a friend, family member, internet or insurance agent — to help them make the right choice.

With over 40 years being in the auto body and hail repair business, GT Car Shop knows what's most important to you-Trust, Integrity, Quality, & Assurance.  In an ever-changing industry,  GT remains a stable, dependable alternative to the large,  mass volume, cookie-cutter, low quality  auto body shops that are taking over our industry.  Who's left to look out for your best interests?  We are!


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